Quinata Appraisal Service, Inc.

Thursday, January 18, 2018
Colorado Springs Residential Real Estate Appraisers
Quinata Appraisal Service, Inc.

About Quinata Appraisal Service, Inc.

Quinata Appraisal Services, Inc benefits from almost 50 combined years of residential real estate appraising experience. Consequently, you benefit from this advantage.

Nancy Quinata has been doing appraisals since 1978. She has accumulated decades of experience, experience that can’t be taught in school. From the fine details of evaluating the worth of a family’s most precious material asset to maintaining healthy, productive working relationships with a wide range of lenders, Nancy stands tall among residential real estate appraisers.

Ed Quinata has been doing real estate appraisals since 1994. In addition to benefiting from Nancy’s enormous experience, Ed brings to the table a wealth of real world knowledge and experience. He is a second-banana to no one.

Together, they make an unbeatable appraisal team.

Both are lifelong residents of the great state of Colorado.

Quinata Appraisal Service, Inc.